An entire generation waiting to exhale

If you don’t remember the last time you had a hard time choosing between a night out midweek and a good night sleep, then long gone are the days when you could scare your insecurities by claiming you could only live once, and I’m here to say that is probably because although life should be a relatively enjoyable experience, there is no reason why it has to lack any grief.

Bad things not only happen to good people, they happen to the best of us.

However, I do believe we, “the inbetweeners”(somehow not identifying with millennials and still young) are stressing ourselves into having a life experience which matches our social media personas.

We will not have the experiences our parents had, and hard, consistent work will not guarantee success in the traditional way or financial security simply because the rules of society have changed along with an economy that is not working in favour of the middle or working classes.

I can see people around me: Friends I went to school or University with are having similar experiences, even from different parts of the world. We all seem to be working hard at climbing that professional ladder and in a constant need to keep busy and entertained. We are sacrificing relationships, postponed family plans, and disconnected from the world around us in order to match our idea of a good life, desperately longing for the secure environment we grew up in. All while remaining seemingly connected to social media and its ideals, its fake news and its opinioned unaccountable comments.

We have forgotten how to live content with what we have and in love with the quest of finding the things in life we love instead of obsessed with how others view us.

We are breathing in everything, and we seem to be sucking in a lot because the rules of the game have changed ever since our parents were playing it. Hard work does not make one special or guarantee success but it is needed to survive.

In the meantime, we should release the expectations of our social media personalities. Let go of the likes, and the popularity contests and connect with the world and enjoy the small victories at work, in relationships, or in our studies. However, enjoy them for ourselves, not other people’s opinions.

It’s time to exhale whatever holds us captive of our fears and insecurities.


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