When news can be funny

The political climate in the United States after the 45th president took office called for politics to enter late night tv schedules, leaving behind monologues where a sporadic one-liner about current government issues would sneak in, to now bring in the full force of its criticism completely drenched in satirical remarks in an effort to denounce and underline ongoing issues featured in everyday news while effectively causing a reaction from the public and spreading general interest in actual events.

In most of the rest of the world, the idea of comedians poking fun and delivering opinionated views about the head of the government seems like a bold and in some cases even dangerous move, mostly because it would usually be seen as undermining the power of the Estate. This would appear to be largely ignored or underestimated by the current US media.

American comedians like Seth Meyers or Stephen Colbert have definitely banked on the opportunities given by nonsensical contradictions between different communication channels throughout the duration of the current US administration and the President’s reluctance to accept any criticism while meticulously following alt-right and cable tv conservative media outlets.

Saturday Night Live closed one of its best seasons yet and it has its politicals gaffes and parodies about the current administration to thank for, by and large.

Most of the rest of the planet would think twice before openly criticising their current governments, mostly, because it would usually be seen as undermining the power of the Estate by the regime in power, and the critics would potentially be facing punishment in one way or another.

It was not long ago that a former President of a Latin American country had a run-in with HBO’s late night comedy presenter John Oliver after the latter poked fun at the Head of State for seeking out and persecuting Twitter users who condemned his actions on the social media outlet.

However, even when one cannot ignore the element of disdain shown by many political leaders while trying to censor opinions, it seems refreshing that while the outrageous actions of some politician do seem to be life imitating art, humour can still play a part of our lives without freedom of speech being suppressed.

It seems that this is something to be celebrated rather than chastised as we can only hope that one day the rest of the world can openly reach a similar level of frankness while providing much needed comic relief in the face of a, sometimes gloomy, political climate.




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