Justice for Grenfell tower’s victims is not even enough: London needs a Housing reform

Who would have thought, over a week ago that Londoners’ biggest threat was its ongoing Housing crisis that has evolved to a breaking point mostly unchecked for several years.

London is living in danger, and its predator is not of a particular race, religion or social status. It’s not tall, dark, or pale.

It’s a premise that sounds ridiculous to a stranger to living in London.

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Fiebak

It wasn’t enough that a building meant to house 120 flats burned practically in its entirety in the course of a few hours because its cladding had a combustible material, and that its fire protocols were apparently wrong, telling people to stay indoors as the fire would be contained in the flat were it started which caused more deaths.

We learn now that Council sbelieve that over 600 high-rise buildings all around London use similar cladding to the one of Grenfell Tower.

Landlords, either for private or Council homes have an undeniable obligation to “provide safe buildings” as the Prime Minister, Theresa May stated. She said: “We cannot ask people to live in unsafe homes.”

Too late for Grenfell, but its not late for the rest of London.

End the greedy housing crisis which has propagated unlivable housing conditions across the city with the sole purpose of making a profit.

Providing housing is a major responsibility to those involved and obtaining a profit cannot always be the end by any means when you’re playing with peoples’ lives.

Everyone involved would at least agree with this.

You have already asked Londoners to live unsafely for years to turn a profit. It’s time it stops.


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