Mohammed bin Salman: A very contentious Prince. Powerful and possibly demented

Mohammed bin Salman is 31 years of age and has been quoted as having some form of mild dementia. He’s also recently been promoted as the next in line for the Saudi throne.

Mohammed_Bin_Salman_al-Saud2 (1)
Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

His most recent accomplishments include:

  • Supporting the creation of The Army of Conquest in Syria, using primarily, an al-Qaeda affiliate.
  • A never ending war in Yemen, directed at the Iran-backed Houthi movement and the Yemeni army.
  • An open-ended confrontation with Iran, which includes back and forth attacks on diplomatic offices, strikes against senior Iranian officials and fast-forward trials of Iranian detainees in Saudi Arabia.

It turns out, bin Salman shares the same cringe-worthy views of Iran as U.S. President Donald Trump, which consist of a more confrontational approach towards Iran, which possibly flirts with the idea of a very dangerous Western involvement in the Sunni-Shia war.

As the Gulf becomes increasingly more unstable and the threat of all-out war between Iran and Saudi Arabia seems to becoming more of a reality, the rise of an unhinged, politically naive, arrogant and unchecked Prince appears to be disastrous to the Middle East and this will, no doubt,  have ramifications that will go beyond its borders.


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